Program Information

Summer Camp: Citizen Scientist

Grades: 5 - 8
Schedule: 8/10/2020 to 8/13/2020
(Monday To Friday, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM )
Citizen Scientist:Environmental Engineering is a job for all of us! Discover how everyone contributes to the well being of our planet. Explore how people have used our ingenuity to engineer our world. As citizens of Earth, we must find ways to sustain our own living space through knowledge, creativity, critical thinking, and hard work. Take a new look at the air we breath and the air we use. Become an evironmental detective to find issues and a citizen scientist to be part of the solution! You do have the power to make an impact, learn to use it well.
UW Washington Cty : 400 S. University Dr., West Bend, WI, 53095