Program Information

Afterschool: Smartphone App Development studio

Grades: 3 - 8
Schedule: 10/8/2020 to 5/27/2021
(Thursday, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Every other Thursday except holidays)
In this special online instructor led program, our goal is to inspire the next generation of STEMpreneurs! In App Building Studio, participants will work like innovators in designing a phone application to solve an engineering or entertainment problem, build and program its prototype and then, like an entrepreneur, they will explore ways to seek out investors for their app. With our small class size, interactive and inquiry based teaching students will learn Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Computational skills. They will interact with the instructors and other students in the virtual classrooms while showcasing their skills.
Online Programs : On your computer or device with web cam and mic.
Pricing and Options
Price: $55.00 per month

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